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Remembering Crew Manager Mark Butler

Crew Manager Mark Butler

18th December 1963 - 1st May 2019 

On Wednesday 1st May 2019 Mark sadly lost his battle with Cancer. Mark has served both East & West Sussex for nearly 37 years.

For many years Mark gave so much to his local community in Haywards Heath through teaching people to drive safely with his Trimark driving school, many charity events and serving as a Crew Manager at his local fire station providing 80-120 hours on call per week. He has supported all his crew in and outside of work, and will always be a big part of the family at Haywards Heath fire station.

In February 2019 Mark and his family, wife Sarah, daughter Megan and son Adam were informed that his cancer had come back and was unfortunately no longer curable. His friends and family put together an event called 'Bald4Butler'. It speaks volumes for Mark as a person as they raised £7697 in just over four weeks.

On Tuesday 30th April Mark was awarded the Chief Fire Officers life time achievement award for his contribution to his community. No one deserves this award more than Mark, we are all so proud of him and his life time of heroism.

Mark Butler passed away in his sleep on Wednesday 1st May 2019. Rest in peace Mark, you will never be forgotten.




"Mark was the best of the best and will never be forgotten. The word legend is not big enough for Mark Butler. I first met Mark as an 18 year old probationary Firefighter in 2015. He was one of the first faces i saw on station at Haywards Heath.

He taught me so much in my 10 years as a firefighter and was the reason i decided to go for my crew managers exams. Mark had forgotten more about the fire service then most people knew to begin with, his knowledge and passion for the brigade was infectious and that is obvious when you talk to lads that joined at the same time as me. I know that Mark influenced us all and he was the main reason so many stayed on during some tough times.


In 2012 I asked Mark to lead my guard of honor at my wedding, he was fantastic throughout the build up and on the day. He stood by me through some really difficult times in my life, even when i didn't deserve it. You will never find a more loyal man than Mark.

I will never forget the 15 years i had Mark in my life. He helped make me the man i am today and i will always push to try and make him proud.

Rest in peace brother."

Paul Weller

Colleague & Friend

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National Firefighter Memorial Day

Saturday 4th May 2019

Members of Haywards Heath crew from past & present joined by control staff and SECAMB stood together for two minutes of reflection to remember Mark and others on National Firefighters Memorial Day.

Mark's son Firefighter Adam Butler was presented his fathers helmet in a touching moment by Station Manager Phil Maynard.

#We Stand Together

Crew Manager Butler Funeral

Thursday 23rd May 2019